About Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL

Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL is owned and operated by two Chicago Police Officers. Jack Shilney and Josh Weitzman are not your average Chicago Police officers, they are highly trained and combined they possess over 45 years of law enforcement experience. They have each worked extensively in a variety of police units, both have worked years as undercover officers in narcotics and gang investigation units.

As partners on the Chicago Police Narcotics High Risk Entry Team (which eventually became the CPD SWAT TEAM) Jack and Josh received countless hours of training from CPD, FBI, and DEA. With each course they took and with every certification they received they were honing and sharpening their firearms and tactical skills. Josh was promoted to Detective in 2003 and was assigned to be an original member of the newly created CPD Detective Division heavy weapons team. Jack was assigned to the Education and Training Division of CPD where he has taught tactical training and firearms instruction for the last 10 years.

Throughout their respective law enforcement careers Jack and Josh sought and received as much additional training in firearms and tactics as available, understanding the importance of quality training as the foundation to be successful law enforcement officers. It is with this knowledge, experience and emphasis on quality training that prompted and motivated them to start Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL.

The passing of Illinois House Bill 0183 created an influx of Concealed Carry instructors. Jack, Josh and the hand-picked firearms instructors that make up the team of Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL possess over a century of concealed carry experience. There is no substitute for learning how to carry a concealed weapon other than from instructors who have been carrying them for years.

Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL want every real world citizen to have the opportunity to be trained and learn from the highest quality and professional trainers available. Every member of Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL is currently an active Chicago Police Officer. The entire team at Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL want to pass their real world knowledge of carrying and using firearms onto anyone wishing to obtain an Illinois Conceal Carry License. The staff at Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL carries guns for a living and stake not only their reputation on quality training but their lives on quality training and tactics.

Our mission is simple and has been the same for decades. We protect the average citizen with our lives. Now by training them the right way and the only way, they can protect themselves.

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