Our Courses

Illinois Concealed Carry Course – By Appointment Only

Private Lessons – By Appointment Only (2 Hour Course)
Private one on one shooting lessons with any of our instructors. If you have taken our Concealed Carry Class you qualify for a discount. This class can be customized for a longer time if needed.
Introduction to Firearms – By Appointment Only (2 Hour Course)
Never held a handgun before, unsure about taking the Illinois Concealed Carry Class, or have questions about handguns or shooting? Take our Introduction to Firearms class and learn the basic nomenclature of a weapon, how to disassemble a handgun, and the basic fundamentals. When you complete this class you will receive a discount toward any of our Illinois Concealed Carry Classes
Survival Mindset: – By Appointment Only (2 Hour Course)
Survival Mindset w/ SAFA: – By Appointment Only (4 Hour Course)
Learning the 4 levels of awareness, tactics, equipment, an insight into combating stress and heightening your intuition. Understanding the Combat Mindset. Learn to be a sheepdog not a sheep and spot the wolves amongst us. This course is geared towards warriors!
How NOT to be a victim: – By Appointment Only (2 Hour Course)
How NOT to be a victim w/ SAFA: – By Appointment Only (4 Hour Course)
Learning the 4 levels of awareness, understanding Natures Basic Safety Rules, being aware of who or what is around you and what could help you if a problem were to arise. Acting instead of reacting, spotting the potential danger before it happens, learning the Universal Code of Violence-this class is a must for women–mothers, wives, daughters, friends.
Preventing and Surviving Violence in the Workplace: – By Appointment Only (2 Hour Course)
Preventing and Surviving Violence in the Workplace w/ SAFA: – By Appointment Only (4 Hour Course)
Key indicators to preventing violence in the workplace. If violence does happen are you or your employees properly prepared if and when it is brought to the workplace? Take our class and give yourself the absolute best chance to prevent and survive this type of encounter.
Self Aid Family Aid: – By Appointment Only (2 Hour Course)
This class is designed for average person with little to no medical training. You will be provided with vital information, which can be applied to a variety of situations, from automobile accidents to gun shot wounds.

You will learn how to recognize, understand and treat minor to major injuries to yourself and your family/friends, which can keep you alive until you can get advanced medical care.

Having the skills to identify and treat a serious injury can be the difference between life or death.

Active Shooter Training: – By Appointment Only
This training will provide you with the necessary tools to survive an active shooter. Learn the vital characteristics of active shooters to potentially spot and stop an active shooter situation.

Realtor Situational Awareness: – By Appointment Only – On-site
Specifically designed for the Real Estate professional in mind. You will receive useful and thought provoking ideas on ways to defend yourself. Our course will focus on the (5) distinct levels of awareness. We will discuss the important of identifying potential threats and dangerous situations. This is a mindset that can be exercised by anyone with the will or discipline to do so.

The discipline component of practicing situational awareness refers to the conscious effort required to pay attention to gut feelings and to surrounding events even while you are busy and distracted. At such times even obvious hostile activity can go unnoticed, so individuals need to learn to be observant even while doing other things.