Dora Hindman

dora hindmanDora Hindman is a police officer with the Chicago Police Department and has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement. For the past 11 years she has worked as a full-time firearms instructor at the Chicago Police Academy, teaching recruit and in-service personnel. She has earned a Master of Science in Public Safety Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and an Associate in Applied Science for Mortuary Science. Dora also served with Headquarters, 33rd Military Police Battalion, in the Illinois Army National Guard from 1985-1991.


  • Firearms Instructor- Chicago Police Department
  • Firearms Instructor-Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • Patrol Carbine Instructor-Chicago Police Department
  • Ballistic Shield Instructor- Armor Training Academy
  • Simunition Scenario Instructor-Simunitions
  • Patrol Carbine Operator-Chicago Police Department
  • Combat Instructor Development -The Site
  • Modern Terrorism Training-Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Legal and Practical Issues of Police Use of Force-Jeff Chudwin
  • ASP Collapsible Baton Instructor- Asp Inc.
  • ASP Handcuff Instructor- Asp Inc.
  • Instructor Academy- Chicago Police Academy
  • Emergency Self-Aid for Law Enforcement Officers
  • CQB and Small Unit Tactical Training- Moorefield Training Center
  • Field Force Operations-FEMA
  • Certified Illinois State Concealed Carry Instructor


  • Glock Safe Action Pistols – Glock International
  • Sig Sauer Semi-Auto Pistols -Sigarms Academy
  • Springfield XD Series Pistols Team One Network/Springfield Armory
  • M & P Carbine-Smith and Wesson
  • Colt-Colt Manufacturing
  • 1911 O-Frame-Colt Manufacturing
  • Beretta -Beretta International
  • Smith and Wesson 3rd Generation