Efrain Cintron Jr.

efrain cintronEfrain Cintron Jr. is a police officer with the Chicago Police Department (“CPD”) with 24 years of experience in law enforcement. Officer Cintron has worked in various departments, including but not limited to patrol, tactics, and specialized unit training, i.e., Hostage Barricade Tactics and SWAT. As a SWAT team member he served as both a Team Leader, and instructor with a focus on firearms, tactics, and less lethal/distraction devices. For the past year Officer Cintron has been working within the Chicago Police Academy as a firearms instructor for both new recruits and in-service personnel. He graduated from Loyola university of Chicago with a B.S. in Criminal Justice.


  • Firearms Instructor – Chicago Police Department
  • Firearms Instructor – Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Rifle/Carbine Instructor – North East Multi-Regional Training, Inc.
  • Shotgun Instructor – North American Weapons and Tactical Training Center
  • Pepperball Instructor – Pepperball Technologies Inc.
  • Avon Gas Mask Instructor – Avon Protection Systems Inc.
  • OC Aerosol Projectors Instructor – Safariland Training Group
  • Specialty Impact Munitions Instructor- Safariland Training Group
  • Chemical Munitions and Distraction Devices Instructor – Safariland Training Group
  • Simunition Scenario Instructor and Safety Certification
  • Reality Based Training Instructor – Armiger Police Training Institute
  • Tactical Entry To Clan Lab – Midwest Counterdrug Training Center
  • Urban Combat – Combat Shooting and Tactics (Paul R. Howe)
  • High Risk Warrant/Hostage Rescue – Blackwater Training Center
  • Advanced Tactics – Fulcrum Tactical Training and Support Inc.
  • Tactical Pistol – The Site Firearms Training Center
  • Tactical Rifle – The Site Firearms Training Center
  • Advanced Rifle – The Site Firearms Training Center
  • Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings – (EMRTC)
  • Patriot Basic Operator Training – Wilcox
  • Emergency Response to Terrorism Basic Concepts – (IFSI)
  • WMD Law Enforcement Protective Measures Course – (DHS)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Advanced Tactical Operations – (DHS)
  • Certified Illinois State Concealed Carry Instructor


  • AR-15/M-16 Armor – North East Multi-Regional Training, Inc.
  • Glock Armor