Jack Shilney

john shilneyJohn (Jack) Shilney joined the Chicago Police Department in 1988. During his 29 years on the job he has worked in district patrol, tactical team, and the organized crime divisions’ narcotic section. While Jack was assigned to narcotics he worked as a surveillance officer, an undercover officer, and an enforcement officer.  Jack also served on the CPD’s High Risk Entry team for three years. He executed high risk search warrants through out the City of Chicago, and Chicago land area.
In 2005 Jack was assigned to the Chicago Police Department Education & Training Divisions Tactical Training Unit. Here he taught basic room entry classes, advanced room entry classes, dignitary protection, weapons detection, situational awareness classes and the active shooter program. He received his Firearms Training Certification from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board for Firearms, and is a certified law enforcement instructor for the Chicago Police Department. He is currently assigned to the Chicago Police Department Training Academy in the Firearms Training Unit.
He is a registered Firearms Instructor with the State of Illinois as well as a Carbine Instructor. He has received Street Survival Training from the Sioux City Police Department and Calibre Press. He has completed the US Marshals Special Response Team Course, and he is certified by the Illinois State Police Tactical response Team in Tactical Operations. Jack is also certified by Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training in Maritime Tactics and Waterborne Drug Operations, Tactical Drug Operations, Tactical Warrant Service and TacMed (Tactical Medicine). In 2005 he became a certified Simunition Scenario Instructor, and in 2005 he received certification from the Northeast Counter Drug Training Center in Basic Search Warrant Execution. Jack is also a certified Tactical Shield Instructor, and he is certified by the NRA as a Beretta 90 Series Pistol Armorer and Smith & Wesson M&P Armorer.
Jack is certified by The US Department of Homeland Security in WMD Law Enforcement Protective Measures, and WMD Law Enforcement Response Actions. He is also certified by FEMA(US Homeland Security) in WMD Standardized Awareness Training. He is certified by The New Mexico Testing Center in Incident Response to terrorist Bombings Awareness Level training Course. FEMA has also certified Jack in the Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts Awareness Level program. Jack is also certified by the American Heart Association as a Basic Life Support Instructor and Completed the “Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement and Ensuring Officer Resilience And Survivability Training” by the Bureau Of Justice Assistance U.S. Department Of Justice.
  • Certified Illinois State Concealed Carry Instructor
  • Certified Firearms Instructor through the Federal Bureau of Investigation