Mario Vassalla

mario vassallaMario Vassalla is a 24 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. He spent 10 years with SWAT, including 6 years as a SWAT Instructor. He is a Certified Instructor, currently teaching full time at the Chicago Police Academy where he instructs new recruits firearm use. He also conducts in-service firearm instruction for veteran officers. Mario served with United States Marine Corp from 1981-1985.


  • Firearms Instructor-Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Patrol Carbine Instructor-Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • Operational Value of Threat, Risk and Venerability Assessment Training
  • Chicago Police Dept./Professional Certifications
  • Shotgun Instructor- Impact Training Group
  • Basic SWAT Tactics & Weapon Operation
  • Advanced SWAT Tactics/Weapon/Firearms
  • Certified in less than lethal and distraction devices
  • VTAC Night Vision Instructor (Viking Tactics)
  • Simunition Scenario Instructor-Simunition
  • Patrol Carbine Operator
  • Legal and Practical Issues of Police Use of Force-Jeff Chudwin
  • Instructor Academy- Chicago Police Academy
  • Certified Illinois State Concealed Carry Instructor


  • Armslite Rifle Armorer’s Maintenance Course
  • Glock Armor