Testimonials For Conceal Carry Class

Chicago’s Finest Tactics & CCL is an extremely professionally-operated organization that still manages to maintain a hospitable and friendly environment. Their responsiveness to my inquiries was unmatched by any other CCL sources to which I had reached out.

Classes are conducted by CPD Range Instructors – masters in their craft. Not just excellent instructors, but an excellent GROUP of instructors. Their camaraderie and history of shared experiences pull the class together into a comfortable and relaxed setting. 

Veteran law enforcement officers, competent and knowledgeable in laws and regulations governing firearms, instruct with expertise and thoroughness, adding just the right touch of humor to make every student feel at ease regardless of their own personal level of firearms experience. 

All instructors were encouraging and hang in there with you from beginning to end! Their attentiveness to each individual’s needs and experience level was absolutely awesome! The class was conducted with a “NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND” objective. 

Can’t say enough great things about this group, from Bonnie at the front desk to all of the instructors: Jack, Ephrain, Chris, Mario, Phil, et al – THANK YOU!


Safety was excellent and the dry fire exercises were excellent too.


I would absolutely recommend CFT & CCL again. They were professional, and knowledgeable instructors. From the novice to the more skilled students, the presentation was thorough and the atmosphere was comfortable. Great Instructors and a really good group.


The personal stores were great. The additional knowledge provided from real world experience was above what others could provide.


The knowledge from the instructors is from first hand knowledge. They were great and I will tell everyone I know interested in CCL to go to Chicago’s Finest Tactics & CCL.


Overall knowledge of firearms instructors is excellent.


Knowledge and patience of instructor, I was lucky to get a one on one!


The drills in dry fire were very informative and helped correct problems. The course itself taught me several things I was not aware of.


The fact that all instructors teach recruits was important to me. The instructors giving real life examples and being realistic of the physical/conditional dilemmas that a citizen may run into is great food for thought while we await our CCL. Thanks for helping “the good guys” even the playing field.


Jack Shilney was/is a fantastic teacher. He was enthusiast and very careful to make sure all understand the materials given. I felt safe in the classroom and on the range. I enjoy the lifetime support that I have used several times already with Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL.


Fantastic course-Jack was extremely knowledgeable and very patient with teaching and explaining all the materials. I’d highly recommend this service to anyone, especially women, interested in concealed carry in Illinois.

~Jen S.~

Registration was very accommodating. Found the materials very well organized. Highly recommend.

~Rebecca S.~

Excellent class, even better people. Highly recommend.


Real life experiences. Real life stories. Amazing course! Makes you feel comfortable with a gun!

~Jen L.~

The class was excellent, I was made comfortable. The instructors were knowledgeable and made you feel comfortable handling the equipment.


The ability of the instructors to make me feel very comfortable with my firearm. This class came highly recommended by a friend and I must say that they are fantastic. Not only are the professional and engaging, they are the real police.


The class was very informative. I was hesitant about taking the class but finally agreed because of my fear of guns. The instructors were patient and extremely knowledgeable. I feel good about my training and comfortable with my experience. It was excellent, worth the time and investment. Thank You!


Testimonials for Realtors Situational Awareness Classes

The most effective part of this training was learning to be aware of my surroundings and keep in mind the “what if” scenarios, and to always go with my gut feelings.


I enjoyed learning the differently methods of how to prepare yourself in different situations. Hearing different ideas/strategies/scenarios that I never would have thought of.


This class offered easy ideas on items to use as defense weapons. I highly recommend this class and I think everyone in my office should take it!


Testimonials for Intro To Firearms

Learning the positioning of hands for safety. Very Informative!


Teaching me to learn how to handle guns. Dora was great!


Dora being extremely thorough form a technical standpoint but adding some levity as well in order to keep the class engaged.