Student Waiver and Release
The student understands that the submitting of the enrollment application, does not automatically constitute acceptance of enrollment. Further, the student states and affirms that the information contained in their application is both true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. In addition, the student gives Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL, my full and complete permission, by all reasonable means and methods to determine suitability, fitness and qualifications for enrollment in any and all courses.
The student understands and agrees that Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL, has the right to refuse to provide training to anyone, for any reason. Further, that the student, their heirs, administrators, executors, and agents, fully and completely waive, release and hold harmless Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL, and its’ shareholders, directors, executives, mangers, employees, subcontracted companies, affiliates and authorized agents from any and all causes of action, including (but not limited to) third-party causes of actions, arising directly or indirectly, as a result of their submission of the completed enrollment application, their participation in Chicago’s Finest Tactics and CCL, training resulting from such application (or ensuing related employment activities), any and all activities (including “Acts of God”) during class, or from any and all other acts, errors or omissions related to their enrollment, classroom training or their participation in the Referral Program.

Risk of Injury
Any prospective student wishing to take, any of the classes of this Company, understands that these classes carry with them a significant risk of injury. Courses involving firearms carry an enhanced risk of injury, due to the need to conduct live-fire training, and dynamic defensive activities that may bend, twist or pin the body in ways that may induce temporary pain, or sever discomfort. Students who register for and participate in this training give their full consent to such use and fully waive, release and hold harmless the Chicago’s Finest tactics and CCL and instructors in the use of such training. All students, in registering for courses in this Company, acknowledge and accept such risk. Any prospective student who is, or reasonably believes that they may be, allergic or acutely at risk of physical harm, due to anything presented at any course, is prohibited from registering in that course, and should not attempt to take that course.